What is the right amount of facial care product to use?

Are you using too much or too little and what is the right amount to use for the best results?

Here is a guide of how to use your facial care product and how much you should use:

Cleanser and exfoliator

  • Squeeze a small amount of cleanser, size of a hazelnut, into the palm of your wet hands.

  • Rub them together and apply gentle on your face,

  • Massage for a few minutes

  • Wash and rinse your face with warm water.


Spray one or two spritz on your face to refresh and moisture. Toning your face can help to absorb the beneficial anti-aging ingredients in the skin care products that you use.

Eye cream

The ideal amount of eye cream to use is a pea size for both eyes. A pump is often too much for your eyes. This area is very delicate and the skin can only absorb a small amount of cream. Gently massage or pat the area around the eye. Give your eye cream about a minute or longer, to absorb before you put makeup on.


We tend to use a lot more than what we need because serums are light and fast-absorbing. One pump or one and a half are enough for your entire face and neck. These few concentrated drops are super-efficient. Apply the serum to your face and neck, patting it evenly but avoid the eyes area.

Day/Night cream

One or two pumps or the size of a small hazelnut is the perfect amount to moisturize your face and to get the best benefits of the ingredients (anti aging, acne, SPF).

Face mask

A thin layer of the mask will provide the best results without wasting. Keep in mind that more does not mean better. Your skin will only absorb what it needs and adding extra product will not give you better end results.

After you finish your skin care routine your skin should feel fresh and well moisturized.❤

Does your skin feel greasy after your skin care routine? It could be because you are using too much or that the products and not well suited for your skin type or skin concern. Try switching to a different moisturizer or serum.

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