Permanent Makeup

HAIR STROKE (Micro-stroke) BROWS ~ $325

Micro~stroke is a form of permanent cosmetics that gives an extremely natural result. Using a very thin row of small needles, the pigment is implanted into the upper layers of the dermis giving a very crisp hair like stroke.   Due to the delicate nature of the strokes your body will break down the pigment faster than a powder brow. They require more frequent touch ups to keep them looking their best.

Typically a touch up is needed at 12-18 months. Individual results vary.

(Also known as Embroidery, Feather Brows, Micro-blading. )

Perfection visit @ 4-6 weeks ~ $150


A powder brow is a soft fill of pigment behind your natural hair. 

Giving the appearance of a soft powder finish.  Pigment is implanted into the skin using machine.

Touch-ups are less frequent than Hair-stroke brows typically lasting about 2- 3 years. Individual results vary.

 Perfection Visit 4-6 weeks @ $150


Maybe your looking for a little of both, hair-stroke and a soft powdery finish, our fusion brow is the answer,

 Perfection Visit 4-6 weeks @ $150

Eyeliner can be a thin natural enhancement by inlaying pigment to just the lash line or

 a bolder more pronounced liner. This is a great option for people with weakened eyesight, watering eyes or allergies to traditional makeup products.

Touch-ups are recommended every 1-2 years. Individual results vary.


Lash Enhancement                              ~$200

Lash Enhancement (top & bottom)         ~$250

Eyeliner                                             ~$300

Eyeliner (top & bottom)                       ~$350

Perfection visit @ 4-6 weeks ~ $150


Redefine your lips, enhance your lips with a soft contour or full lip color.

 Typically lasting about 2- 3 years. Individual results vary.

 Full Lip         ~$350

 Perfection Visit 4-6 weeks @ $150

*Permanent Cosmetics/Makeup Tattooing is not a medical procedure but an art form, the art of Tattooing.

Individual results will vary.


Contact for Pricing & Scheduling questions.

Consultations are recommended for first time clients and are 15-25 min.

Please leave a detailed message or text messaging is preferred as I may be with a client.

*Clients with previous Permanent makeup from another artist must schedule a consultation to be considered.