T. Nguyen

It's been 6 months since I initially got my brows done and 5 months since my first colour boost/touch up. I am loving the results! The shape Christina gave me was exactly what I wanted, and the colour has stayed very well. I couldn't be happier!

C. Laurinda

Christina is fantastic.

The work she did on my brows has honestly changed my life.

I was a dumb teenager and (really) over plucked them. I got used to filling them in but there was always those times where I'd get into the car and notice a huge smear up my forehead where I unknowingly smudged my brow pencil. NOT CUTE. I also struggled in the summer with the heat and swimming was pretty much out. HUGE BUMMER!

She did some amazing work micro-blading for me and it's totally natural looking. People compliment me all the time! Her strokes look like real hairs, even up close. I LOVE the work she did and I would definitely recommend The Skin Care Studio to anyone looking to update, perfect or fix their look.

M, Robbins

Christina did my brows about 4 weeks ago and I love them. I wasn’t sure what to expect and as a cancer survivor my brows didn’t grow back in fully. Christina takes her time and explains the whole process with you and ensures you are comfortable and want to proceed. 
I love my eyebrows and can’t get over how natural they look. I would highly recommended Christina.