Exfoliation of the top layer of skin with suction and abrasion. Mild to moderate abrasion that helps with sun damage, fine lines and dry/uneven skin texture. No down time! Ready for fresh, smooth skin? #1 requested service!

$85  | 60 minutes

Clinical Correction Treatment

A Clinical Correction Treatment (CCT) facial is customized for your skin type,

improves skin clarity, elasticity,texture and overall health, encourages

detoxification and helps to speed up metabolism.

(oily, dry, normal,combination, acne, rosacea/sensitive).

All skin types 

$75 | 60 minutes

Clinical Perfecting Treatment

A Clinical Perfecting Treatment (CPT) facial that includes all the benefits of a CCT and more!

This advanced facial focuses on issues such as aging, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

Using Enzymes, Peptides, and appropriate modalities you will see optimum results.

Correction, Prevention, Lightening and Collagen Restoration are just a few

of the custom benefits of the Skin Perfecting facial.

Skin Type: Aging/Damaged, Hyperpigmentation/sun spots,

Rosacea, Adult Acne, Mature/skin in need of firming.

$85 | 75 minutes

Teen CCT

Specifically for young adult skin, focusing on deep cleansing, extractions,

soothing and healing,giving confidence and healthy skin.

Teen/Unbalanced Skin.

$45 | 45 minutes