Areas of Expertise

~ Clinical Skincare 

Where do I begin!?! My love for skincare came very early. I was the kid who was pledged with acneic oily skin! That's were my self proclaimed "Skincare Junkie" all started. So, believe me I have gone through the cosmetic jungle of cosmetic and the plethora of skin treatments. I have a vast understanding. Through the years of self trial then entering into the wonderful Skincare Industry.  Gaining the knowledge of how skin works at a cellular level and really understanding how the different ingredients work with the skin, not to mention the endless list of treatment to be had.  24 years since graduating collage and 18 years as a Medi Esti let me share all of this with you! Let me be your skin go to gal! 

~ Cosmetic Tattoo

I was introduced to Permanent Make up from my first job as an Aesthetician (1998). I knew then I wanted to master this incredible treatment. As the years passed I focused on different parts of this amazing industry, although I vividly remember each time cosmetic tattoo crossed my path. Each time my interest grew. Then 2014 was the year! with extensive training and achieving multiple certificates in both manual and machine. My specialty, delicately enhancing your own beautiful features for a natural look.  

~ Skin Health Coaching

With so many choices on in the market it is so hard to navigate the cosmetic jungle out there. What works for your BFF, might not work for you. I want to help you make the right choices for your skin and along the way save time and money!! Have Healthy Glowing Skin!

 I will help you to make simple swaps with your skincare regime  ingredients and lifestyle to look and feel their best, from the outside in and inside out

My Approach

The Skincare Studio started with a simple premise: Make available to everyone the skin care resources they need to have beautiful, healthy, vibrant skin. At the same time, educate about the importance of preventative skin care measures. This same idea still drives me today, some 20+ years later. My approach involved precise formulation for individual skin care routines, to insure you are receiving the maximum benefit out of every product you use. My studio is clean (approved by Alberta Health) and modern, with the latest technology. I think you'll notice the difference immediately when you step foot inside our doors. I'd love to see you today to map out a skin care plan that's tailored to your needs.